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Vet Eats Breakfast In Abused Pit Bull’s Cage To Make Her Feel Comfortable


Dr. Andy Mathis, a veterinarian at Granite Hills Animal Care in Elberton, Georgia, had been treating a pit bull mix named Graycie, who had been found as a stray about two weeks ago.

Since the dog, who was brought in emaciated and hypothermic with a host of other medical issues, wasn’t very comfortable with people, the vet decided to try an interesting tactic to help her trust humans more. He climbed into Graycie’s cage and ate his breakfast while she ate hers, making for a beautiful bonding moment that was caught on camera.

Watch as Mathis sits alongside the pup, gently feeding Graycie. He also eats some granola out of a doggie bowl of his own.

“I’ll either sit close to her or be close by so she gets used to people,” the veterinarian told HuffPost, explaining his treatment of Graycie.”The whole purpose is to socialize her.”

Mathis told HuffPost that a woman called the facility, reporting she had found the dog on a dirt road and later brought the dog into the hospital. The dog, who was likely abused or neglected, was in terrible condition. On top of being underweight and hypothermic, Graycie was also found with a vaginal prolapse — a condition in which a mass protrudes from the vaginal area — as well as anemia, according to Mathis’ Facebook post.

The veterinarian explained to HuffPost that Graycie hasn’t been relaxed around people.

“She’ll let you pet her, but she won’t come up to you,” he said of Graycie’s behavior. “She won’t really walk with you — she sort of walks as if she’s trying to get away from you.”

While the dog is making progress with her health and undergoing different treatments, the veterinarian told HuffPost that it can take days to a couple weeks to get a dog like Graycie to get socialized and feel more comfortable.

But things are certainly looking up. The veterinarian says he’s maintaining a positive outlook, and expects Graycie to make a full recovery. For now, the dog will stay with Mathis at his facility until she’s ready to be adopted into a new family.



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