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10-year-old passes away in his sleep. Dad transforms grave plot into a statue in his honor


One of the biggest fear every parent has is their child passing away before them. Its a saddening topic but these things do happen in the real world. My heart goes out to all the parents who have experienced this but rather than letting it bring us down we should remember all the happiness that the child brought to us.

When Ernest and Anneke Robinson’s son died, they wanted to have his gravestone represent hope and happiness rather than sadness.

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Matthew Robinson was born in 1988 and due a lack of oxygen it caused a number of disabilities. The young child paralyzed from the neck down, blind, and only spoke a few words.

Matthew passed away at the young age of eleven but his parents were grateful for all the joy he brought into their lives, which is why this father designed this gorgeous and inspirational gravestone in honor of him.


The statue pictured below is Matthew climbing out of his wheelchair and reaching for the sky. A truly inspirational tombstone to everyone who sees it.

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The biggest thing that the parents took away from having Matthew was the difficulties people with disabilities face as they try to be contributing members of society. The Robinson’s believed that it wasn’t a lack of motivation, rather a lack of equipment.

So in 1993, the couple decided to do something about it and established Ability Found, a nonprofit organization which gives people with disabilities the proper medical and rehabilitation equipment that they can’t afford but need to do simple things such as play outside or run errands.

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A beautiful rationale for doing something that can potentially change the lives of people who face disabilities. As Matthew’s gravestone gained popularity the father says, “Instead of sadness, the statue makes our son Matthew’s grave a place of happiness.”

If there is one thing that we can learn from the Robinsons it is to always remember good memories of the deceased. Cherish them and make a positive impact on the world. Bless the Robinson family for doing so much for the people who live with disabilities.

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