27 Pit Bulls Rescued from Horrible Situation Have A Bright Future

Foul odors can be any number of things. They can get animals that get inside your garage or attic and die. They can be animals on the side of the road, backed up sewage, or just trash that’s been sitting out too long. Foul odors are everywhere all the time, but sometimes they’re so bad you have to call the local authorities to see what it might be because it’s just not right. That’s what happened in July in Riverside, California. People began noticing a smell so foul that they began to find it difficult to breathe at home. they called the police, who came to find that the smell was emanating from a neighbor’s home. What they found inside was nothing short of horror.

Inside the home were 40 pit bull dogs, 11 already dead and well into the point of decay. All the dogs were emaciated, dehydrated, covered in bugs and parasites, and one even died as police were working to rescue the animals. Nearly 30 of the dogs were so weak and so sick that they could not walk on their own and had to be hand carried out of the house by rescuers. The dogs were all rushed to local veterinary facilities where they were then taken and cared for, spread out to different rescues and can hopefully be rehabilitated and adopted out at some point. Thankfully, many of the dogs have already had some success in putting on weight and improving their health, and hopefully the rest will follow.

The owner of the home is unknown, but a man by the name of Carl Dixon was renting the house at the time the dogs were discovered. He is someone who is well-known in his community for his belief that breeding pit bulls should be legal and encouraged, though we have to disagree with his way of doing it. Hopefully he will soon be caught and justice will prevail.

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