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Abandoned Chihuahua Hides In Stacks Of Garbage For 8 Days After Family Gets Evicted


For most of us, our pets are the first thing we’d run for if, say, our house were on fire. They’re just as much a member of the family as anyone else is.

Some people, though, don’t think the same way.

Some people use dogs for profit as part of a backyard breeding business. They certainly don’t care for their animals’ health, let alone their happiness. These animals are stuffed into tiny, filthy cages and forced to reproduce so that their puppies can be sold for a profit.

But backyard breeding isn’t the only abuse of animals that goes on. Sometimes, simple neglect can be almost as bad as something like backyard breeding.

All too often, when uncaring people move, they leave behind a whole mess of their property for their landlord to deal with. Sometimes, some of that leftover junk may just happen to be their pet or pets.

In this case, renters were evicted from a property, leaving behind tons of junk amid a mess of filth. The landlord was leaving out some food for a dog he’d seen glimpses of every now and again, but he’d been unsuccessful in catching the little one.

So, experts were called onto the scene. Friends Of Emma arrived and searched every little nook and cranny for the tiny creature. Eventually, they saw the glare of two frightened, wide eyes in the darkness.

It took a bit of coaxing, but finally this pooch was able to be scooped up and taken to safety. Thank goodness!

You can see the full rescue below.

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