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Abandoned Dogs Become Partners To The Cops Who Rescued Them


We’ve read a lot of stories and seen photos and videos of dogs being abused, and our hearts break every time we see them. But stories about dogs being rescued and getting a chance to live a happy and loved life mend our broken hearts.

Policemen in Chile have found themselves new partners after they rescued a group of abandoned dogs. Someone abandoned the dogs at a vacant lot near the police headquarters. Thankfully, kindhearted policemen were stationed there. They gave the dogs some food, water, and even offered them a place to stay in their precinct.


From then on, the dogs became part of the force. They refused to leave the sides of the policemen who rescued them and gave them a place to call home. The dogs have become their partners!



The dogs accompany the cops when they make their rounds. They were even given reflective vests that match the policemen’s uniform! And wherever the policemen go, they follow.


Check out the video below by 24horas.cl!

A big thank you to the policemen who gave these dogs a chance! You guys are amazing!

You can read more of this story at The Dodo.

[Source Story: iheartdogs.com ]



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