Adorable Pup Dresses Up to Help Dad Propose To Mom

When Matt Corbett was getting ready to propose to his girlfriend of three years, he knew that he was going to need a little bit of help beforehand-from his 3-year-old pup, Aubrey.

Corbet, and his now fiancee Sarah Edwards, first welcomed Aubrey into their home when he was only a puppy some three years ago.


Over the years, Aubrey’s companionship has been indispensable. His parents love him, especially when he dresses up in little outfits to make them laugh.


When Corbett knew it was the time to propose to his girlfriend, he knew he needed Aubrey’s help dressing up for the occasion. He combed through many options and decided to go with a very dapper outfit, that would potential seal the deal and get him a yes.

Edwards says,

“He proposed on my birthday. I came home from work and he had lots of flowers all over the house and Aubrey was dressed up. I thought it was adorable — of course!”


Corbett then told Edwards to open all her presents before they went out to dinner. Each box contained messages with notes detailing how much he loved her, and all the reasons.

Edwards continues,

“When I got to the smallest box (the ring box), he took it out and said, ‘I have to open this one for you’ and proposed. Aubrey was sitting with us on the couch the whole time. It was so great.”


Corbett and Edwards are now happily engaged are are looking to plan an intimate wedding with family and friends. They want to include Aubrey in the ceremony, because he means so much to the both of them. Edwards is not so sure about what kind of wedding guest he might be as she humorously quips,

“He’s a goofy golden who loves to jump still so I’m afraid of him jumping on me or one of the guests,” Edwards said. “We’ve decided to incorporate him into the wedding by framing the picture and putting it on one of the tables at the reception along with the story of our proposal.”


Although Aubrey won’t be attending the wedding, the fact that he was incorporated into making their engagement possible, speaks volumes about how much his parents love him. Aubrey, I wish you and your parents well in your future endeavors.


[Source Story: Fido4ever ]