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After 62 years of marriage, couple is forced to live apart because of delay in healthcare system


After nearly 62 years together, an elderly couple was forced to live apart from each other because they could not get into the same care home. Wolfram Gottschalk, 83, and Anita Gottschalk, 81, of British Columbia, Canada, have been living in separate nursing homes due to a lack of government-subsidized beds.

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The granddaughter, Ashley Bartyik snapped a heartbreaking photo of two couple weeping as they said goodbye to each other which has now gone viral. Although the grandparents have been separated for a while, the family is not going up until the two are reunited.

It just breaks my heart seeing the image above. Two elderly couples who have spent more than half a century together now separated because a shortage of space in a care facility. Although things are rough, the family is doing everything in their power to bring these two together again.

The two love birds are both in Surrey, British Columbia, but only see each other for a couple of hours every two days because they live in different facilities miles apart.


Looking at the image below, the couple lived a whopping forty minutes apart. A distance way too far for two elderly persons.

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The granddaughter says this is so heartbreaking because the couple are inseparable, they do everything together and now Anita can’t even give her husband a goodnight kiss.

On top of the issues of missing each other, things only became worse when her grandfather is already suffering from dementia and diagnosed with lymphoma. With the grandfather suffering from cancer, the issues of being separated now also become a race against time.

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After the couple’s heartfelt story gained a lot of publicity on Facebook, the authorities have stepped in and Mr Gottschalk is now on top of the waiting list for a space at his wife’s care center. Finally able to make it one step closer to his wife.

A saddening story about the separation of two love birds who have spent their whole lives together but with the help of caring family members, they have nothing to fear. With the grandfather now being on the top of the waiting list it’s just a matter of time before they are reunited.

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