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Boy’s cop father dies from traffic accident, stand-in officers support boy on first day of school


It is saddening to think that sometimes children lose a parent at a very young age. It’s been a tough month for Jackson Scherlen and his family in Amarillo. His father died earlier this August from injuries he received in a traffic accident nearly a year ago.

His father pictured below, Justin Scherlen was only 39 years-old and an Amarillo Police officer when he passed away.

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Jackson was barely starting pre-kindergarten this past August and he had a memory he would never forget. At his doorstep, nearly two dozen APD officers showed up to escort little Jackson to his first day of preschool.

The officers then lined up in the hallway and all gave little Jackson hugs before they left. The mother, Jessica Scherlen says she thinks her son really enjoyed having everyone there to support him.

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It’s kind of nice because they were kind of like a stand in father for the child’s first day of school.

“Just to know that he’s still loved by the blue family and that they still care,” she said. “Emotionally, it’s awesome to see.”

Some of the officers there described Jackson’s father as someone who was always so kind to everyone. “Even this last year when he was in so much pain and not even able to walk on his own sometimes, he would always ask what he could do for you,” said Officer Carla Burr. “Constantly checking in on people.”

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The 24 officers then also escorted Scherlen’s fourth and second graders to their first day of school.


A touching story about how even in his death, Jackson’s dad was still there to support him on his big first day of school. It just comes to show you that good deeds really do go far and it will be something that people will remember you by.

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It was also very touching to see that the police department remembered their coworkers son and wanted to make be there for him. Kind of like a stand in father for the day. Awesome people, amazing story.

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