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Bride’s mother has limited time. Neighbors band together, transform the street into a wedding venue


With the help of neighbors who watched them grow up, a couple just tied the knot on the same street they were raised in.

Susie Osei, 24 grew up in the Mount Prospect, Illonois neighborhood where her parents still reside. In the neighborhood everyone is well acquainted, so for her wedding the neighborhood came together and threw her and her high school sweetheart- Miles a block party wedding.

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“We just wanted to get married, be around people we love and have a big party,” Osei, 24, told ABC news.

The couple just recently got engaged in January but didn’t want to waste any time because Osie’s mother suffers from Alzheimer’s and her health was deteriorating. She and now-husband rushed to put the wedding together so that her mom could enjoy it.

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“Miles became more aware of the fact that having my mom still present-  and I don’t mean physically- on the day we got married was more important than waiting for a time that would be less complicated,” said Susie.

The two families then sent letters to everyone in the neighborhood asking if they’d be OK with a block party wedding where everyone said, “Yes!”

When the neighbors replied to the letters, it wasn’t just an “Okay, you can have a block party wedding.” Everyone in the neighborhood begged the couple to somehow let them be involved.

Osei says, “They wanted to do anything they could to help…Although we were so thankful, we weren’t surprised. That’s Pine Street.”


Osei tries to describe her neighborhood (200 block of South Pine Street) saying, “My block is crazy. We all grew up together and are very, very close-knit.”

She further explains the closeness of the neighborhoods by saying, every 4th of July, everyone would come together and throw a block party. And for christmas, they would all put their mini Christmas Trees and do a cookie exchange, everyone taking a bit of each others cookies. She says this tradition has been going on for longer than 80 years.


So in the following months as the wedding date approached, the whole block did various tasks to help. They cut hydrangeas from people’s gardens to be used as centerpieces, ironed 100 ft of burlap for the ceremony runner, scrubbed and soaked over 400 forks and knifes in preparation for the ceremony but this wasn’t all.

To list it out: one of the neighborhood kids DJ’d the wedding, her brother was the the officiant for the ceremony, another neighbor-John Ward filmed the whole ceremony, 4 adults worked on lighting the whole block, her dad and uncle built a welcoming door for them to walk through, and another neighbor worked on the party favors for the wedding.


Wow. I can feel the neighborly love. A beautiful moment of everyone coming together to make it a successful wedding, but it wasn’t just everyone coming together that made it successful.

“My mom was dancing and laughing and having the best day,” she says, “That makes it all worth it.”

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It just makes us smile reading about such a caring community. Two wonderful kids who rushed to married while their mother is healthy and a wonderful neighborhood for making it such an unforgettable memory.

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[Source: Huffington Post ]



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