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Bridesmaids Hold Rescue Puppies Instead of Bouquets For Their Wedding Photos



An Animal loving bride decided that for her wedding, she wanted to make an impactful statement of the current state of rescues and shelters in America, by doing away with the traditional. Instead of using bouquets for her bridal party, she instead went to a local shelter to get the neediest of all the dogs, instructing her bridesmaids to pose in pictures with them. They , of course, willfully, and happily obliged.

The bride, Sarah Mallouk Crain works for and manages the Pennsylvania based rescue Pitties.Love.Peace. Her husband, who also has a soft spot in his heart for animals, went right along with her idea, supporting her one-hundred percent. The newlyweds own 3 dogs, and said they also open their home to fosters who come in and out on a daily occurrence.


Wedding photographer Caroline Logan said,


“Having the puppies involved in the wedding brought so much additional joy to Matt and Sarah’s day. Though they weren’t a part of the ceremony, they were involved in their portrait time.”

Sarah, the bride, held a stray puppy found on the streets of Brooklyn, New York named Biggie Smalls, while the others held puppies ranging from ages from 4 to 8 months. It was a moment to remember indeed.


Logan continues,

“The puppies of course caused the photos to be extra natural, candid, and carefree — exactly what I strive for in my work. The wedding party was loving all the puppy snuggles.”

Logan also said that the puppies were all so well behaved during the ceremony, and enjoyed being away from the confines of their shelter routine. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting these pups, please visit Pitties Love Peace to fill out an application.


[Source Story: Fido4ever ]



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