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Car sinks into the floodwater – man rescues woman, then goes back to save her dog


An unreal rescue from the Baton Rouge flooding in Louisiana was caught on camera. Since being posted on the internet, it has reached over 4,000,000 views in a mere span of two weeks.

The video shows a heroic man diving into the waters to save a woman and her dog from a sinking car moments just before they started drowning.

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The video starts off showing three men cruising on a boat waiting to help before they realized a woman was trapped in a sinking car. Immediately, they tried to break into the red soft-top convertible as the vehicle continued to sink.

“Oh my God, I’m drowning,” a woman is heard screaming from inside the vehicle.


Seeing that the situation is dire, one of the rescuers, identified as David Phung, jumps into the waters and tries to save the woman. Just when it started to look like she was lost, Phung pulls the woman out from the car’s sunroof just before the car completely submerges.

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Upon finally being above water, the woman informs Phung that they needed to save one more victim- her dog. She tells him that the little dog is in the car and desperately begs him to help her.

“Get my dog, get my dog,” she said frantically as she is catching her breath. “Get my dog, now. I’ll go down.”

“I can’t get the dog,” Phung says. He then tries to look inside the submerged convertible, but to no luck.

Just to note, the water is very murky and practically impossible to see through.

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From the boat one the men said, “Maybe she’s gone,”

The woman looked defeated. Worried about her dog, she then decides to go underwater in search of for her dog.

As the other guys gave up looking for the dog, Phung didn’t. He went back underwater and then reemerged with the small, white dog. Out of breath and tired he said, “I got your dog.”

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The lady was overjoyed upon seeing her companion. Phung then told the lady, “Swim for the boat,” as he made way for the boat with the little dog in his arms.

A dramatic rescue caught on camera. If Phung and the other men were late even just a few seconds, who knows what could have happened. It was amazing enough to see the woman getting rescued, but to see him go back under water and reemerge with the dog was unbelievable. A wonderful man who is worthy of praise.

If you want to watch the amazing rescue, you can find the video below.
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[Source: Josh Meeks]



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