Charges Pending: College Football Star After He BEAT DOWN Defenseless Dog


A college football player who plays quarterback for the Missouri State University Bears is in hot water after he was alleged to have attacked and broken the jaw of a defenseless dog. Breck Ruddick, a sophomore who plays for the MSU Bears has been implicated in the attack after a damning Facebook post was made by a friend of the dog’s owner, which read,


It is not known why Ruddick beat down the dog, however, what is known is that he was tasked with babysitting the dog for a friend. Luca, an Australian shepherd mix, had done something to “aggravate” Ruddick when he allegedly snapped and began assaulting him. Luca was able to break free, running from the house, hiding until his owner was able to come home when she made the grisly discovery.


Ruddick attempting a pass

Luca was brought to an emergency medical clinic where his jaw had to be reconstructed, and several teeth removed. He is said to be doing well now, and suffered no other major injuries, besides the broken jaw.

Warning Some People May Find the Following Image Below Disturbing

Luca undergoing a surgical procedure to reshape her jaw

Luca undergoing a surgical procedure to reshape her jaw

Missouri State University athletic director Kyle Moats moved to suspend Ruddick indefinitely immediately following the allegations. Ruddick was also scratched from last Saturday’s game against Kansas State University. Additionally, the Springfield, Missouri Police Department has opened an animal cruelty investigation on Ruddick, and have declined to give comment about the details of the investigation only saying, “charges are pending.”


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