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Couple smiles and stares at Dad and his baby at restaurant, leaves him a touching note on his car


Kevin Smith, a father, was enjoying breakfast with his son at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Ohio when he noticed an older couple continually staring at him and his son.

“I noticed this older couple over in the corner,” Smith said. “They kept smiling at me and I was looking at my son like – ‘What is going on?’”

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He didn’t think much about it until he found a note on his car. The note praised him for being an outstanding father and was left with some cash to pay for his breakfast.

The note read: “Today your meal is on my wife and me. Enjoy that baby boy as long as God intends. Keep doing what you’re doing. The Masons.”

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Smith was touched by the strangers’ act of kindness since Smith didn’t have a father figure growing up. The letter was very personal towards Smith because he tries to be everything a father should be. Smith says he tries to spend as much time with his kid as possible– making the relationship even more precious.

With a lack of a father figure growing up, Smith wanted to make sure his child was raised properly. He said, “This is great for me to be able to do this and do it the right way, you know be there for him. And you know when he gets older, I’ll still be there for him.”

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A touching relationship between a father and son. The father also added that the incident really reminded him the importance of paying it forward to other community members. “I [got] blessed. I want to bless someone else,” Smith said.

Smith says he can’t wait to share the story with his son, Kevon Jr, when he gets older. He plans to share the story with his son and also teach his son a life long lesson– a lesson about how kindness can really go a long way.

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[Source: Independent Journal Review ]

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