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Dad drops his son off at his first day of school, returns to car and records a touching message


Perhaps one day some of us will have children. The thing about children is that they don’t remain children their whole lives. They start to grow into an adolescent and then one day into an adult where they are independent.

Our children growing up is a bittersweet experience, we want it to happen, but at the same want them to remain small forever.

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If you aren’t enjoying and cherishing every moment you have with your child, someday you will think to yourself “where has the time gone?” Any parent will agree that we’ve all had moments when we’ve looked at our child and said, “wow, he’s gotten big.”

Raising a child is one of the best things anyone can experience in life, Jarrett Payton from the Chicago Slaughter agrees.


Jarrett Payton, former running back for the Chicago football team and son of Bears great Walter Payton, underestimated the emotional impact of dropping off his son for his first day at school.

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He starts off his sons big day like any other parent would, waking up his son early in the morning, making breakfast and preparing to send him off to school.

Upon dropping off his son, things started to get emotional. The big man couldn’t help but choke up at the sight of his son going to school. He turns to the camera and confesses with tears in his eyes, “I tried to hold it together.”

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After letting out a few tears he says, “I don’t think there’s anything cooler than being a dad, man. It’s real.”

There is a lot of truth in Jarrett’s short statement. There are a few great things in life and one of them is being a parent. Nothing is cooler than being a great parent and a role model for your child. Bless this mans heart because we can tell he is a great father.

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