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Dog Rescued From Death Row, Now Comforts Orphaned Chimpanzee’s



When Princess was placed on death row, the dog who was routinely overlooked at the shelter made peace with the fact that her days were coming to an end. However, thanks to the Desmond family, they made an 11th hour rescue of Princess after receiving a tip from a shelter staff member, and were immediately approved to foster her.


As time went on, Princess became an indispensable part of the family, and the Desmonds soon decided to make it official and adopt her permanently. The Desmonds, who are staunch animal rights activists, travel across the world finding homes for animals who have lost their parents due to poaching.

At present, they live in Liberia, West Africa, where they manage and run a chimpanzee orphanage. They presently have five chimps under their care, and thanks to Princess who takes the lead role in raising them, it is one happy animal sanctuary indeed.


Jenny Desmond says,

“They [Chimps] are being rehabilitated in Liberia so they can one day live with a chimpanzee family, where they belong. The goal is to provide care and give them a future lifetime with other rescued chimpanzees, not humans.”


Princess is a friend to the chimps who all have gone through horrible post traumatic stress situations. She is their comforter, guardian, and shoulder to lean on whenever there are issues present. Princess’ story is what happens when we as a people make every effort to invest in forgotten dogs, who languish in kill shelters with little to no hope. We wish her and her family all the best in their future endeavors.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]



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