Druggie sentenced to jail for tossing puppy out of third floor window

The drugged up owner of a nine-week-old puppy who tossed his Staffordshire bull terrier 20 feet to the ground while “coked” up, was sentenced to jail for 10 weeks, reports the Leicester Mercury.

Wayne Keightley, 42, of Rutland Street, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal is also banned from owning or caring for a pet for the next three years. The puppy suffered leg injuries and  bruising over his body, but has since recovered.

In January, Keightley had been drinking and then taken cocaine and jumped  out of window because  he imagined he was being attacked by a gang of men waving samurai swords. He suffered a broken ankle from the fall. The following day, the RSPCA found his puppy named Gipsy had been thrown from the window just moments before Keightley jumped.

In court on Wednesday, Keightley’s attorney stated his client denies he threw his dog, as he has been “a dog lover all his life,” claiming the dog fell out of the window. Still, he admits he let his dog down because of his lifestyle – as the attorney tried to persuade the judge not to jail his client.

“This was  a single act of cruelty but a very serious act of cruelty – a horrendous act,” the judge stated in court as  he ordered Keightley sent straight to jail. “Thankfully the injuries seem to be superficial, but it was the result of quite an horrific act, for whatever reason that act was committed.”

(photos via Daily Star)


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]