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Fishing boat suddenly sinks into ocean with 26 people on board, then an angel rescues all of them


A scary moment for 26 passengers when their fishing boat began sinking near the coast of San Diego Saturday morning. Around 5 a.m., kind strangers received a distress call notifying them that their boat, Invicta, a 63-foot fishing boat began sinking after hitting rocks.

Luckily, the strangers responded immediately and saved all 26 lives.

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The strangers identified as John Rodriguez, his wife and son were our on their commercial fishing boat when they responded to the call.

“I realized they were only a mile and half away, so I immediately got the radio and said I would respond to the distress call,” Rodriguez said.

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When Rodriguez and his family arrived to the scene, the situation was dire. The passengers on the Invicta were already wearing life jackets and reportedly deployed lift rafts in the Mexican waters after the initial crash.

According to the Coast Guard, the good Samaritans made it to the passengers on the life raft in about 15 minutes after hearing the satellite call.

Upon seeing the rescue boat, the passengers were overwhelmed with joy. “One guy gave us a hug and started crying. People were just so thankful we were there,” said Rodriguez’s son, Jake.

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Luckily, Rodriguez’s boat, Sweet Marie, was able to hold all 26 passengers. Within an hour, U.S Coast Guard appeared and moved the passengers onto their boat as they headed back into shore.


U.S. Coast Guard Chief Chris Swiatek says, “The fact that they were relatively close and they were on the scene very quickly made all the difference in the world.”

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When the family was praised for being heroes, the mother humbly denied it saying, “We were just in the right place at the right time for those people.”

The Rodriguezs family are true heroes in my book. They received the distress call and immediately came to rescue within 15 minutes. It’s crazy because the U.S Coast Guard took 4 times longer than this family to get to the scene.

A magical story to hear about people coming to the aid of their fellow man. An applause to this family and the U.S Coast Guard.

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[Source: ABC News ]

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