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Heroic Man Climbs Up Building, To Save Dog Dangling From 13th Floor


In an extraordinary example of heroism, a man in Columbia was caught on camera scaling the outside of a building, to save a dog dangling from a 13th floor window. Last Friday, Diego Andrés Dávila Jimenez from Bogota, Colombia, was in his 13th floor apartment, relaxing after a day of work when he was startled by some noise. When he looked at the window of his apartment he saw his neighbor’s dog hanging on for dear life.

The dog had somehow manage to slip under the balcony porch and was impaled by a metal barrier, that had trapped her. A crowd had gathered to watch the horror that was unfolding, calling any and everyone to help with the situation developing.


Jimenez told Fido4ever,

“I hurried to tell my neighbor, but she wasn’t home. So I decided to act.”


Jimnez went to another neighbor who lived right below the apartment where the dog was trapped, and begged to enter so he could access the porch. At first, he used a broom to try and coax the dog into his arms, but that didn’t work.
With options running out, he decided to do the unthinkable: climb.


Jimenez continues,

“People on the ground were screaming. They had a mattress out just in case. The truth is, I did not think about the dire consequences. I did not look down.”

Footage of the entire incident shows just how harrowing this incredible rescue was. Thanks to Jimenez, Luna was able to be brought back down to safety.

Jimenez concludes,


“When I had Luna in my hands and looked down, a thousand thoughts flew through my mind. My girlfriend was a little upset, yelling at me ‘You stay there! Do not climb back down.”

So, he waited for about an hour or so until Luna’s owner could arrive.

“She was in tears. She is very grateful, because she just adores that dog.” Jimenez concluded.


Jimenez, who owns a dog himself, has won praise all over the country for his heroics, after the video was shared on social media. On Facebook alone, the video was viewed more than 3 million times. Just about everyone was pleased with Jimenez accept for one person: his mother. She scolded him, saying,

“You could have lost your life! You are no Spiderman!

[Source Story: HumansLovingAnimals ]



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