Heroic Police Officer Adopts The Very Same Dog She Rescued

When Officer Christine Luffey of the Pittsburgh Police Department executed a search warrant on a stash house where illegal activities were said to take place, she came across a terrified dog named Elfie who was struggling to make sense of all the chaos and commotion that was happening in the home.

After the situation calmed and suspects detained, Officer Luffey soon turned her attention to Elfie and tried to comfort her in her moment of weakness. Elfie was eventually taken to a shelter, where she was housed until the case against her owner was adjudicated.

Elfie’s past owner Gerald Walker Jr. was eventually charged with, among other things, animal cruelty, and made a plea deal that mitigated his punishment to fines and 18 months of probation. As a condition of his probation, he was ordered not to own any animals, which meant that Elfie, who was living in a shelter at the time, was now homeless.

Officer Luffey wasn’t about to let that happen. She had heard about Elfie’s plight and decided to adopt her. Elfie wasn’t going to be part of a system that has failed dogs like her so many times, and thanks to her new mother, she was about to get a much-needed second chance.

Officer Luffey who is an avid animal lover, must be commended for her actions that led to Elfie’s safe outcome. Abandoned dogs, especially pit bulls living in inner cities, are often brought to city shelters where they languish for weeks before they are sadly put down. Officer Luffey is a true American hero.
[Source Story: fido4ever ]

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