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His Feet Are So Badly Swollen It Was Painful To Watch Him Walk, Much Less Run


Conner was not the intended target on this particular weekend trip to feed the strays in Washington Park. One quick glance at his virtually hairless, bony frame changed all that.

Despite a limp and his weakened condition, he managed to elude every attempt for rescue on May 21. With an extra pair of hands on May 22, we found him foraging through a burned-out garage near where we first spotted him the previous day. He managed to initially get away from us until he sought refuge and another escape route in the backyard of a house halfway down the block. Fortunately for us – and him – he slipped into one of the few yards that was fenced on four sides. It took about 45 minutes to finally rescue him.

As the pictures show, this little guy has a horrible case of mange. His feet are so badly swollen it was painful to watch him walk, much less run. Obviously frightened and in pain, most of the car ride back to St. Louis he balanced on his tail and front legs, with hind legs extended out in front like a gymnast performing on the still rings. We named him Conner, after a 1980s gold-medal winning gymnast. Conner now is at Dr. Ed’s on the road to recovery – and a more comfortable life.

Connor will take several weeks of medical care and lots of love to recover but he will soon be available for adoption. If you are interested in helping to offset the medical expenses for Connor’s extensive recovery process.

**Update: Conner was adopted by a family in St Louis who adores him. He even has a doggy sister whom he loves.

Photos taken by Donna Lochmann.

  • Conner realizes that he can’t escape this yard.

  • We are finally able to get a lead on him. At this point I know we are actually going to be able to rescue him.

  • Conner tries to get past the trash cans that we used to block his exit from the yard.

  • A close up of Conner’s feet. They are very swollen and sore from the severity of the mange.

  • One of our first looks at how bad his mange really is.

  • A close look at what the mange has done to Conner’s face.

  • Conner is rescued and on his way to a better life.

  • The mange on his feet bothers him to the point that he isn’t even able to sit normally.


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