Homeless Man Makes Difficult Decision to Give Dog A Better Life

Some stories are just so heartbreaking you cannot even bear to read them or hear them. This is one of those stories. I promise you right now you’re going to need a tissue and a moment to compose yourself once you hear the sad tale I’m about to tell. This is the story of a sweet dog who has been with his owner for a very long time. The dog’s owner is homeless; life took a turn he did not expect and could not change, and things were not going for him as well as he’d hoped they would. One day he rode his bike to the Easy Bay SPCA animal shelter with a dog limping beside him, her leg badly injured with infection. He came into the shelter with the dog and explained that he’d tried so hard to help her and to get her better, but he simply did not have the funds to provide her with the medical care he needed.

Homeless Man Makes Difficult Decision to Give Dog A Better Life

Despite the fact that it absolutely broke his heart, he knew that her only chance at survival was to give her up and allow someone else to care for her. As he said goodbye to his beloved dog, he told her, “I love you. This is the best thing that I can do for you right now,” and hugged her. He walked away without his dog, and his heart must have broken into a million pieces. His selflessness is so admirable, and we only hope that life turns around and these two are eventually reunited with one another for their own happily ever after.

Photo by East Bay SPCA

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