Louisiana Flood Dogs Find Refuge At Stray Rescue

Stray Rescue, like many other shelters across the country, is no stranger when it comes to lending a helping paw to the plight of some of Louisiana’s most vulnerable residents – the dogs. Stray Rescue was there at ground zero for hurricane Katrina and brought back 150 dogs to safety and eventually to their forever homes. Three years ago, we were there for one of the worst dog fighting ring busts, healing each soul, one abused dog at a time (see the story here- http://strayrescue.org/SafeHaven).

Recently, Stray Rescue stepped up once again to assist with the historic New Orleans floods. The animals, who could not be reunited with their owners, are some of the thousands estimated to have been rescued during the historic flooding. Some of them came with illnesses such as heartworm disease, but they all came with the singular desire to be loved and never forgotten again.

We couldn’t turn our backs when asked to help. How could we when we know the fear and suffering they all experienced? All are thriving and could use a dry home to live out their lives with love. 

Ella, Shay, Walter, Yummy, Treat and Ted are happy to call St. Louis home!  To adopt, please visit our adoption page. You can also help by donating. Not only will it help this special group of dogs, but it helps all the street dogs and cats. 

[Source Story: strayrescue.org ]

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