Man Who Shot Neighbor For Abusing His Dog WILL NOT Face Charges

Sometimes street justice is the only way to stop pathological dog abusers…

A man in his twenties and a man in his sixties got into a serious row, after the younger man was caught beating down the older man’s dog. After the older man told the younger man to stop what he was doing, he went inside of his house, grabbed his legally owned gun, and shot his neighbor, possibly saving the dog’s life in the process.

Neither of the men have been identified for privacy reasons, however, the young man’s mother released a statement to local news station KPRC 2 insinuating her son, the perpetrator’s guilt, saying,

“My son attacked him, I guess, in some form or fashion, because they were talking about the dog. My son ran into the house. The guy that shot him ran into another area, got the shotgun and shot through my back window and shot my son in the neck.”

[Source Story: fido4ever ]

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