Need Help: Power spent his first months chained to a garage

Need Help: Power spent his first months chained to a garage

Behind every rescue is an act of kindness—from grand gestures, like running into a burning building to rescue dogs trapped inside (which, by the way, our South Euclid city workers have actually done) to simply picking up the phone to report abuse or neglect or adopting an animal with special needs. As far as I’m concerned, every such act, whether grand or seemingly simple, is nothing less than heroic.

Power’s rescuer could easily have walked away and tried to forget the painful truth she’d witnessed. But her heart wouldn’t allow it. And while she probably thinks her actions were far from heroic, Power would beg to differ—and so would I. After all, if not for this remarkable woman this sweet little 6-month-old pit-mix with the greenest of green eyes would still be living outside, chained to a garage, alone and desperate for human contact. Days would have turned into months, and months into years. And like so many other dogs who languish at the end of a chain, Power would have lived a life of neglect and unbearable loneliness.

Ironically, all that was needed to prevent a lifetime of suffering was a simple question: “Can I have your dog?” And after the surprising “yes,” a call for help to Addie’s Pet Protection clinched the deal.

Addie’s Pet Protection has long been a champion of the underdog (no pun intended), taking in dogs with medical issues and, as was the case with Power, dogs that would otherwise be forgotten. And, for the most part, Addie does it all on her own, saving lives first and worrying about how to pay the bills later.

Being with Addie, where he’s loved and cared for, must seem like some sort of dream to Power, who spent his puppyhood chained and alone rather than playing and snuggling in someone’s arms. This sweet little boy is now making up for lost time, playing until he drops and then jumping into Addie’s lap for some love and, his favorite thing of all, a tummy rub. Power has taken a training class, and is house- and crate-trained. He loves all humans, young and old. And when it comes to other dogs, Power likes to choose his friends; he loves some and could live without others.

Hearing that Addie was undergoing chemotherapy for a cancer recurrence made me once again wonder why the kindest among us seem, so often, to have to endure so much. As we pray for Addie’s recovery she worries more about her rescued animals than her health, and is asking us for help in finding Power, and others in her care, the loving homes they deserve. Make no mistake: doing so will be an act of kindness of heroic proportions.

To learn about adopting Power, call Addie at 216-205-2647. For other animals in need, go to or

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