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Need Help: Sick 12-Week-Old Puppy In The Middle Of Woods Clinging To Life


Imagine going out on an excursion with your buddies in the middle of the woods, when you discover the most shocking site you could ever come across in your life, laying bare right before your eyes. Such was the case for a group of hunters who came across a sickly, 12-week-old puppy in a forest in Fayetteville, Georgia barely clinging to life.


The puppy, a product of human neglect and cruelty, appeared to be suffering from severe mange and was clearly in pain. The hunters, who eventually reached out to a local animal rescue, who in turn contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, took her in, and is presently facilitating medical treatments.


Thanks to the collaborative efforts of rescue organizations and good samaritans, this pup is getting the second chance that might have never been. Co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Jackie O’Sullivan, took to the group’s Facebook page to give an update of the dog renamed Melanie saying:

“Melanie has demodectic mange; complicated and compromised with a very bad skin infection because she went for so long without treatment. Her eyes are infected, and she was dehydrated. She has received her first soothing bath and is on antibiotics and medication. Please keep Melanie in your prayers. She is very weak and so very tiny; stumbling when she tries to walk. She needs us, and she needs all of you. We will keep you updated as the week progresses….. thank you.”


Fidonation, we ask that you keep Melanie in your thoughts and in your hearts as she recovers from her ordeal. She has quite the hill to climb in terms of getting better, however as each day goes by, she is slowly but surely getting stronger. To help donate to her medical care, please visit Rescue Dogs Rock NYC website to learn more.


[Source Story: Fido4ever ]



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