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Newlyweds Cancel Thailand Honeymoon To Help Injured Dog Survive



When newlyweds Darren and Nicole began their trip to Thailand after a whirlwind wedding ceremony for their honeymoon, they weren’t particularly interested in making the trip all about themselves. Instead, the married couple from America wanted to make a difference, so they met up with a local Thai woman, who runs a rescue organization feeding homeless dogs.


The woman, who spends all the money she has to feed the stray dogs, sure needed a hand from Darren and Nicole, and was touched by their humanity, and so they got to work. After buying and then donating pounds of dog food to the woman, Darren and Nicole stumbled across a dog, who was struck by a scooter, injured and in very bad shape.


The woman told the married couple that the injured dog had been immobile for days, and was suffering from mange, and a tick and flea infestation. Darren and Nicole took the ailing pup to their plush hotel room and began removing the ticks, and fleas from his skin one by one. In fact, Darren specifically went around town looking for a vet to help treat the pup.


Unfortunately, the only vet on the island could not treat the pup, and so Darren and Nicole canceled their honeymoon prematurely, to arrange for the pup to take a flight to the United States, where he could be properly treated.


As of today, the dog is presently living in Wisconsin, where he is being fostered by a loving family. Doctors say it will take six months for him to fully heal from his medical issues, at which point he will be placed up for adoption once he is well enough.


Thanks to Darren and Nicole, this former stray is finally getting the second chance at life he rightfully deserves.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]



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