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News reporter breaks down when she reports story on 5-year-old bombing victim


Wars never amounts to anything good. With the civil war going on in Syria for about 5 years now even civilians are caught in the cross fire.

Blood shed and suffering on both ends, sometimes the blood shed spreads to even little children… 4,500 children have already died from this civil war, millions more displaced and without a home. A heartbreaking topic to talk about.


An image of the boy, Omran Daqneesh, sitting in an ambulance covered in dust and blood awaiting help should serve as a stark reminder about the effect the civil war Syria on its population.

On CNN, a new anchor tried to tell the story of the little boy but couldn’t help but choke up on her words throughout the story. She tries to keep her composure but cries at the fact that we are shedding tears, but the little boy isn’t. He is so shocked that tears don’t even come out. It is just a heartbreaking thing to see.

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The boy luckily survived because a man carried him away from the rubble after a suspected Russian or Syrian regime airstrike hit his neighborhood. Upon carrying Omran out, there were multiple other children being pulled out of the rubble and put into the ambulance.

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Truly horrifying to hear about. Little children, covered in blood and dust from head to toe. The worst part is that they probably don’t even know what is going on. Yeah my house blew up, but why did they do this? A civil war? They probably don’t even know what civil war means.

When doctors came to see him, the boy was in a daze, not knowing what has happened to his home or family. Just kind of sitting there patiently with injuries all over his body.

Sadly, his older 10-year-old brother, Ali, died of the wounds he suffered on that same day. It is sad to think that we live in a world where children can’t even sleep in peace. To be asleep and be woken up with your house being blown up and then told that your older brother has died is disheartening.

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This is just one story about a little child suffering from the war. There are probably a multitude of other young children who weren’t a lucky and died under the radar, stories never told.

From what we know over the past 5 years, millions of civilians have died from this civil war, thousands of which are young children. Young children who don’t even get the chance of growing up and experiencing their youth. Children with little toes and feet who passed away because of a war they aren’t even involved in. Truly disheartening to hear and write about.

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