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Officer notices child with autism throwing a tantrum, drops to ground and does push ups to calm him


Anyone that has experience being around someone with autism knows the difficulties that comes along with autism. While the individual is loving and caring, they sometimes are very hard to calm back down when agitated.

With that said, here is a story about Christy Richardson, a mother who called the cops in order to calm down her child named Bubba. The mother was desperate since her child was throwing a tantrum and nothing seemed to calm him down.

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Thinking quick on her feet, she remembered that Bubba admires police officers and decided to give it a shot. What she didn’t expect from the officer was compassion and the effort to go the extra mile for the family.

The mother made the call and arriving to the scene was Deputy Loftis of the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office. The mother knew the officer would fix the situation but she was caught off guard when he dropped down and started doing push-ups.

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The officer showed up and immediately started calming Bubba down. The compassionate officer then went and taught Bubba a life lesson that he would never forget. He taught Bubba that instead of letting his anger out on other people to channel his anger by doing push-ups.

The interaction was touching and shocking to the mother because Deputy Loftis went above and beyond what was asked of him. Before Loftis left Bubba was smiling, something the mother thought was impossible at the time.

The mother posted a picture of the interaction which is now going viral on the internet. You can see in the image below of Bubba smiling as he and the officer are doing push ups on the driveway.

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A beautiful story about a police officer doing more than what is asked of him. We really need to appreciate these officers more because we often times forget all the good things that they do for us.

If you want to find out more about the story, you can view the video below.

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[Source: WTVC News Channel 9 ]

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