OMG: ‘Prominent Veterinarian’ Caught on Camera CHOKING Dogs Only Gets SUSPENSION


In Saint Catharines, Ontario, once prominent veterinarian Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi who was caught on tape beating and choking down dogs, received only a ten month suspension from the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO). Animal rights advocates, and the 4 whistleblower employees who witnessed the abuse first hand are outraged because they think the punishment does not fit the crime, and rightfully so.


Undercover Footage of Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi beating down one of his victims

Terms of Dr. Rekhi’s so called “slap on the wrist” punishment means that he must attend half day seminars on the proper treatment of animals, and undergo the equivalent of anger management courses administered by the CVO, before he can practice again. If he successfully completes the courses, he could be treating animals again in December of 2016.

Claims of Dr. Rekhi’s abuse were first brought to the attention of the CVO after two employees working for him, Larissa, and Jessica Hamilton, brought them videotape proof. In the tapes, Dr. Rekhi can be seen choking and beating several dogs he was attempting to treat, without provocation.

According to an affidavit, the two employees tried to take dogs and cats away from Dr. Rekhi’s hands on several occasions, to try and protect them. This irritated the doctor, and he was said to scold them anytime they tried to intervene to stop the abuse.

There is a petition circulating on the internet to pressure the CVO to terminate Dr. Rekhi’s licence to practice veterinary medicine, that can be found here. Thankfully, none of the animals depicted in the films died as a result of the abuse they suffered.
[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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