Poisoned To Death Stray Dog Massacre 2016

In a grotesque display of animal cruelty, the Karachi City Government in Pakistan has proudly laid out 1,000 dead dogs which they poisoned to death, following instructions from the Saddar Town administration. Posing for a photo next to the contorted bodies, Saddar town’s Chef Sanitary Inspector Waqar Ahmad stood proudly alongside he busy road, supervising the hideous display.

The hungry dogs were tricked into eating chicken meat laced with strychnine poison, which produces a shockingly painful way to die. According to Reuters, the Karachi’s Jinnah Hospital treated 6,500 people bitten by dogs in 2015. Already this year close to 4,000 people have reported dog attacks. Karachi officials said they hope to kill thousands of stray dogs before they declare the massacre ended.

It is time for Pakistan to implement sterilization and vaccination programs, and do away with barbaric animal massacres which only lead to greater rabies cross contamination possibilities, as rabies can be transmitted even after death.

Sterilization would be far cheaper in the long run by greatly reducing the number of dogs being born into homelessness and ending up as unruly street dogs. World Animal Protection, formerly known as WSPA, is an international organization who are willing to work with the Pakistan government to provide vaccination strategy and plans, as advocated by the World Health Organization.

After being publicly displayed and left in the sun, the carcasses were loaded into the tray of a tip truck and taken away for disposal.
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India have successfully implemented animal birth control programs. It is illegal to kill street dogs in India, says India’s largest animal welfare organization People For Animals, who are calling for Pakistan to follow their example. Poisoning mass number of dogs is a potential ecological disaster, as strychnine poison from the dead animals seeps into waterways, soil and other animals, such as vultures who were almost wiped out in India, after eating poisoned dogs.

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