Providing A Safe Haven For Louisiana Fighting Dogs

Early on a quiet and overcast Saturday morning, a van carrying precious cargo finally pulled up to the door of Stray Rescue’s veterinary and trauma center. It had been a long, long journey, but seven dogs from a large dogfighting ring bust in Louisiana had finally arrived. The van doors opened to fresh air, a caring Stray Rescue staff and, of course, a new beginning. Scarred, thin, and battered, the abused dogs cautiously took their first steps down a path they likely had never known; a path full of tenderness, warmth, and belly rubs.

Their story began down south in Breaux Bridge, LA, where St. Martin Parish Animal Control reached out to animal rescue organizations across the country, including Stray Rescue, to secure safe havens for the nearly 50 dogs rescued from an alleged dogfighting ring on Wednesday, February 19th. “We are taking in some of their medically severe cases, so we can give these dogs the second chance they deserve,” said Randy Grim, Stray Rescue’s founder. “They reached out to us asking for our help to avoid family members of the individuals connected to the dogfighting from breaking into their facility to steal the dogs back. I couldn’t say no,” Grim continued. Click here to see the FOX2 News segment on this story.

The St. Martin Sheriff’s Office (SMSO) arrested a man and charged him with 47 counts of Cruelty to Animals and Dogfighting, just to name a few. The SMSO is also seeking a second individual, Antonio Boyd, in connection to “suspected dog fighting, drug and weapons charges.” According to a release from SMSO: “In November of 2010, Mr. Antonio Boyd was arrested on fifteen counts of aggravated cruelty to animals, eight counts of simple cruelty to animals, and two counts of dogfighting. The charges in 2010 were the result of a narcotics investigation conducted at the residence on Breaux Bridge Senior High School Rd.

Stray Rescue was chosen to assist based on the rescue and shelter group’s experience and success in both medically and behaviorally rehabilitating dogs who have suffered severe trauma. One by one, the new southern Stray Rescue residents stepped paw into the clinic, where they received a complete medical evaluation and the best possible care.

Every dog, including three scarred and injured males, and an emaciated momma dog with her three pups, seemed to know they were out of harms way and in well-intentioned, gentle hands. It didn’t take long at all for their resilient spirits to muster up tail wags and kisses. Their capacity to forgive and forget never ceases to amaze.

After their first of many rounds of medical care and some food and water, their tired bodies circled a few times before plopping comfortably down on their beds. Rest at last.

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