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School humiliates 6th grader for wearing leggings to school, forces her to change to sweatpants


After a dress code violation in Lansing Middle School, a mother was outraged by the Middle School’s dress code violation procedures. The mother felt as if her daughter was humiliated by making her put on sweatpants because she wore leggings to school.

The mother, Kimber;y Jones, said her daughter Bella was sent to the office for a dress code violation because of her tunic top and leggings. At the office, the 11-year-old’s clothes were measured by a female nurse who determined that the front and back of the outfit was “too short.” You can see an image of Bella’s clothes in the image below.

But this isn’t the controversial part, keep reading.

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The nurse then made Bella wear sweatpants, which are given out to students when there was a problem with their attire. The mother wasn’t angry about the dress code procedure, she understands how dress codes work.


What she was angry about was that the nurse specifically told her daughter, ‘You’re not allowed to call your Mom and you cannot change. She cannot bring you clothes. You need to go back to class and you have to wear these borrowed sweatpants,’  Jones said.

Although the nurse told Bella not to contact her mother, the daughter ended up texting her mother anyways. When the mother found out she was outraged, she felt as if this was a form of humiliation rather than a solution.

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Feeling like her daughter was humiliated, the mother went to the school and sought out the principal Kerry Brungardt. Upon speaking to the principal, the mother says that Kerry gave her daughter two options– wear the sweatpants or go home.

After the story blew up and started getting publicity, the principal’s statement started changing. Ninevah Carvan, a representative for Lansing school district, denied that the principal said that and instead claims that Brungardt gave her an option to change and return to class.

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As to why the students are told to not contact their parents, Carvan says the district’s goal is to get the kids back to class as quickly as possible. “That’s why we don’t allow students to call home because sometimes we can have students sitting in the office for an hour waiting for their parents to come up with a change of clothes,” said Carvan.

In response to this statement, the mother said if she could bring up a change of clothes for her child, why in the world would you humiliate her daughter all day like that?

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Indeed a very controversial topic for two reasons: 1. not allowing a child to contact their parents and 2. somehow the principal’s statements are changing.

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