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She plays her final basketball game, has no idea soldier brother has returned home to surprise her


The sibling relationship is very special one. They really know how to press your buttons and get on your nerves, but they also are the ones who know you the best. From covering for you when you are sneaking out of the house to keeping those secrets your parents will never find out– they are your parents greatest gift to you.

Watch Megan Boyle’s reaction to seeing her brother for the first time since he has been deployed to Afghanistan. With the help of his parents, William Boyle makes it to Megan’s final college basketball game at Albright College and gives her the surprise of her life.

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The college star did not see this coming. Her parents were in on the surprise and made sure to set everything up accordingly.

Upon seeing her brother in a distance she lets out a huge scream, immediately dashing towards her brother. Watching her reaction alone made me feel excited to see her brother.

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She immediately jumps on her brother as she is overwhelmed with emotions. They share a long hug in the middle of the stadium where it melted everyone’s heart.

A beautiful moment caught on camera. You can see how happy the crowd is behind them, nothing but happiness and smiles in that stadium that night.

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Nothing makes parents happier than to see their children love and care for one another. Im sure the Boyle family are proud to have raised such great children.

An applause for William Boyle for his dedication and service towards our country, truly a great brother and an even greater human. A heartwarming story to hear about.

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[Source: HLN ]

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