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Shy deaf student transfers to new school – boy learns sign language to help him settle in


Children are truly the ones who have hearts of gold. They go beyond what is asked of them to do kind for another person for no reason other than the kindness of their hearts.

Here is a story about a boy, Ross Kelly who went out his way to help a deaf student better fit in at his new school. If you need an example of true friendship, here it is.

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Kelly wanted to communicate with his deaf friend, Isam Gurung but couldn’t figure out how. When the two first met in the beginning Ross says, “We started out writing notes to each other and I decided this wasn’t very efficient because there was always a delay.”

It was then that he decided to learn Auslan (Australian sign language) in efforts to communicate with Isam. A beautiful and selfless motive to start learning something. Isam moved to the school from a specialist school around a year ago and was initially very shy but things started changing once Ross learned Auslan.

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It’s a special bond that these two share. Isam already had an interpreter so that he could attend school but what Ross gave him was more than interpretation. He gave Isam a friend in his age group that he can communicate with-something invaluable.

Ross has now been recognized for his kind actions and has been rewarded with a Fred Hollows Humanity award. Out of 6 students from school district, Ross was selected due to his altruistic actions.

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With the award, it also came with a chance to nominate a $5,000 donation to a charity and Ross chose a school eye-health program in Cambodia ran by the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Children really do have a heart of gold. A heartwarming and beautiful friendship we just read about. If there is one thing we can learn from Ross Kelly it is to always go an extra mile for other people because they might end up being our best friends.

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[Source: Metro News ]

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