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Social worker spent 10 years helping “bad kid” get adopted, realizes she’s the best parent for him


Sometimes, the things that we are looking for are right under our noses. A depressing story about a foster child who has been bouncing around home to home for 10 years but his life changes due to one social worker named- Connie Going. Connie found the child, Taylor a perfect parent and a perfect home where he can finally start trusting a parent figure.

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Taylor, was born into a family of drug-addicted parents where he eventually found and put into the foster care system. Taylor along with his two younger sisters were quickly adopted but sadly, Taylor was returned because they said he had anger issues.

Taylor was constantly cycled in and out of over a dozen different foster and group homes. He eventually found another family but after a while, he was returned for the same reasons of having “anger issues.”

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If you listen to the child, it isn’t like he has anger issues. It’s as if he has a sort of trust issues from a young age of just being bounced around home from home. It is sad because it becomes such a regular thing for him that Taylor says, “I was just so mad because I thought that they weren’t going to keep me.”

When asked about his attitude towards the new family he was put into he even said that he purposely gives them attitude as a means of testing them. Testing them to see if they truly wanted to have him around… A truly sad story about how a child develops trust issues from not having a permanent home.

“When you feel you’re not lovable and you’re up against someone loving you, that’s a pretty scary thing,” Connie said.

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Throughout the 10 years of helping Taylor look for a home, Connie never gave up. She knew that someone out there was perfect for Taylor, but then after the second family she decided to not look anymore…

Connie said, “All I could think about was how he was feeling and how he was blaming himself, again.” She said that it was enough. Connie felt a physical “ache” in her body for this young child and then she had an amazing idea… She wanted to drop Taylor as a client and take him in as her son. WOW.


She spent 10 years looking all over for somebody to be a parent for Taylor and realized that person was her.

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[Source: CBS Evening News ]

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