Stop the inhumane stray dog culling in India

“Life is the glorious gift of nature and the compassion for animals and human lives should harmoniously co-exist. A balance should be struck between compassion for dogs and human lives,” as said by a bench of Justices Dipak Misra and Shiva Kirti Singh. The court made the observations while asking civic authorities to provide shelter and kennels instead of killing dogs indiscriminately. Then again, stray dogs are brutally being killed all over India for quite a while now. While rules under the Central’s animal welfare act prohibit cruelty to animals, several state laws, including those in Kerala, permit killing of ferocious dogs.

I want to urge all to find little bit of humanity left in us and stop this cruelty against those innocent dogs who don’t even have shelters to run into while being dragged through streets and beaten to death.

If stray dogs act ferociously, there is always scope of managing them by involving welfare organizations, building enough shelters and kennels, rescuing and treating them. Culling is the worst that can happen to them. They can’t express like us humans. And I’m sure many will agree that people can be as much ferocious to people, if not more. Will mass killing be the answer then?

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