Stray Dalmatian Winds Up At Fire Station Looking For Work

I know that when I was younger, my dream professions were to be either a policeman or firefighter. For one pup, the dream couldn’t come soon enough. He decided to make matters into his own hands.


After responding to a  2:30 AM emergency call, members from the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue got an unexpected visitor as they arrived back to the firehouse. When they were backing up the fire truck, and the garage door opened, they witnessed what appeared to be a dog slip right in, and immediately brightened their spirits.

I mean, after all, that is what every good firehouse’s chief number one job is to do anyway.

Station spokesperson Corey Dierdorff said,

“He came in and immediately started loving on the crew. His tail was wagging. It brought the mood of everyone up.”


The dog, who had no identifiable tags on his person, was so well mannered that firefighters thought he surely had an owner. However, after a parameter sweep of the firehouse, they couldn’t find his owners. The dog was a little dirty so of course, the firefighters got to giving him a good bath which he surely appreciated.


Having a dog at the firehouse was a much-needed relief for the day to day, monotonous work at the station that was grinding, to say the least. The adorable dalmatian pup was friendly with everyone and made sure to spend time with each and every member at the station.


Sometimes even inviting them to play a game of fetch….


Normally, just due to the hustle and bustle of the firehouse, dogs were not allowed. However, the fire chief made an exception this time and allowed the pup to stay.

Dierdorff continues,

“How appropriate is that? A Dalmatian walks into a fire station and acts like he’s been there forever. He made himself right at home. He fit in with the crew so well.”


This precious pup even made sure the floor stayed clean…


As much as everybody loved the pup, they knew that it was their civil and moral duty to find his forever family. And so one morning, they put out a call on their social media pages announcing that they had found a lost dalmatian. Soon after, a family responded to a post the found on Facebook, claiming they were the rightful owners.

Dierdorff continues,

“There were a couple of marks on the dog that only the owner would know about, and they identified those. We wanted to make sure they were the right owners.”

Turns out that the dog’s name is Chico, and he lives only a mile away from the fire station. His owners had been searching for him for days until they read the post from the Hillsborough Fire Department that Chico was in fact found.


The firefighters were happy to see Chico reunited with his family but sad to see him go.

Dierdorff concludes,

“It was bittersweet. But I’m pretty sure there’s a relationship starting there and that it won’t be the last time Chico visits the station. He’s welcome back anytime.”

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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