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Stray Dog’s Head Stuck In A Hole, Then Start Drilling To Rescue Her


In many parts of the world, stray animals don’t get the care and attention they deserve. They become a part of life, running around villages and through cities looking for scraps to eat.

But when they get into trouble, they have to rely on the goodwill of humans to save them from potentially dangerous situations. Luckily, many are more than willing to help when duty calls!

One tiny white pup dubbed Nikki found herself in a little bit of a pickle when she was searching for food in a canal in the rural area of San Martin in Peru.

The poor animal got lost in the canal, and, in trying to find a way out, got her head stuck in a hole that wasn’t big enough to fit her entire body.

Locals noticed the pup’s head and rushed to help her. In the blazing heat, there was a possibility that she wouldn’t make it, but they tried their best to keep her hydrated.

They came up with a plan, grabbing shovels to carefully dig and drill around the hole to free her from the trap.

Thankfully, they were successful! Nikki was released with no injuries. Now these heroes are hoping that it won’t be long before she finds a home and a loving family.

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