Success: Louisiana Man Sentenced to 5 YEARS in PRISON For Beating Puppy With Bat

A Gonzales, Louisiana man has been sentenced to 5 years in state prison for beating his small puppy with a baseball bat. Police say they arrived at Jamari Jackson’s home to investigate a claim of animal abuse after a neighbor had witnessed him beating a small dog with a bat.

While on the scene police discovered a small puppy lying on the ground struggling to breathe. Jackson was questioned after police found a bat similar to the description a witness said was used to beat the puppy, and subsequently arrested and charged him with animal cruelty in the first degree. According to local newspaper The Advocate, when questioned, Jackson said that he used the bat to free the puppy who he claims was trapped inside a barb wired fence. Police were not buying the story.

The dog was eventually rushed to an emergency medical clinic where doctors worked around the clock to revive him. Unfortunately, resuscitative efforts failed, and the pup was pronounced dead hours later.

Jackson was ultimately found guilty of his crime after a speedy trial. In a last ditch plea to present mitigating circumstances to District Judge Jason Verdigets before sentencing, Jackson’s attorney tried to file a motion to dismiss the case altogether. Judge Verdigets struck down the motion and said that Jackson did not have any recourse at the time to challenge his guilty verdict. Before sentencing Jackson to 5 years in prison, Judge Verdigets called his actions “depraved” and “senseless.”
[Source Story: fido4ever ]

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