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They watch a slideshow of their newborn grandson, don’t know he’s waiting in the room behind them


Watching people being reunited after a long time of being separated is one of the most touching things we can see. It’s something that everyone can understand because we’ve all be apart from someone we love.

With that said, watch 11 week old baby, Niall catch his grandparents completely off guard by showing up earlier than planned. Their reaction’s are priceless. Especially the grandmother’s.

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After 10 years of being apart, the newborn’s parents, John O’Regan and his fiancee Claire decided to surprise the grandparents by arriving to Cork, Ireland a week earlier than scheduled. John’s brother caught the whole surprise on camera and posted the touching video on social media where it blew up.

The couple prepared their surprise in a very clever way. They had the O’Regan family sit down to watch what they thought was just a slideshow of Niall but it was actually clues of them gradually approaching Cork, Ireland.


As you can see below, here are some of the pictures of Niall in the slideshow.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 8.40.52 PM

By the end of the slideshow the grandparents were confused since pictures showed Niall landing in Ireland but little did they know Niall was much closer than a week away. When the grandparents turned around, John and his family were magically behind them. SURPRISE!

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 7.56.09 PM

Their first time meeting little Niall was heart warming. The two elderly couple had nothing but smiles on their faces as they saw their grandchild. Upon being reunited they shared a short group hug while eagerly wanting to hold Niall.

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A touching and heartwarming sight to see. The video just really reminds us that nothing really matters but family. A wonderful and cleaver way to surprise two grandparents who were so eager to meet their grandchild.

If you want to see the whole thing unwind you can find it below.

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