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Twins try to sell giant teddy bear but no one wants it. Then Angelina Jolie shows up and buys it


It is no surprise that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are beautiful inside and out. They have been giving back to the community in every way possible throughout their years of being together.

From adopting children to helping build new homes for New Orleans flood victims, the power couple seem to love giving back to the community.

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In their most recent altruistic act, Angelina Jolie was captured buying a teddy bear sold by two little youngsters. The two children, Allen and Brandon Alexander got the idea to sell their 8ft teddy bear because their dad told them to think like entrepreneurs.

The two children had trouble selling their teddy bear but they were in luck when Angelina drove by in her white Cadillac.

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She got out of her car then agreed to buy the bear for their asking price of $50. She handed them $50 but then also asked for one of them to sell her a story. They happily obliged and upon hearing their story Jolie gave them an additional $50 so they wouldn’t have to split it. What a beautiful act towards these little children. 

Pictured below is an image of Angelina shaking hands with the parents of Allen and Brandon. In the background you can see her daughter Shiloh as well.

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 8.05.33 PM

What luck Allen and Brandon have their bear bought by A-list celebrity Angelina. It was a wonderful thing she did for the two little children as she could have easily drove by. I guess this is just another kind act added on to the long list for Angelina and Brad.

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