Two Injured Rescues in 1 day: Zenobia and Jacquin

Two rescues this past Saturday. Both very injured!

Randy rescued Zenobia, who was in horrific pain. She was named after the female warrior. She had been hit by a car. Her rescue was tougher than most, as she was acting aggressive due to being completely terrified and injured. Unfortunately, she had to have her back leg amputated. She is now at Stray Rescue and starting to feel much better! She is also a complete sweetheart and winning over all our hearts.

Jacquin was also rescued Saturday. He was discovered by police officers. They called Stray Rescue, and Donna headed out. Neighbors said he had been hit by a car, and when he got in the sewer, he couldn’t get himself out.

One of the main reasons he couldn’t free himself is because of this injury. He has Paraparesis with Mild Ataxia, which means he has partial paralysis and does not have full control of his back legs. He’s also anemic and heartworm positive.

Watch their rescue here:

Please help Jacquin and Zenobia grow strong by giving to their care. We can not save animals like them and give them hope without your help.

[Source: Stray Rescue of St. Louis ]

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