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Waiter cares for a grieving widow he doesn’t know. Next day, her daughter gives her a $500 tip


When 32 year old Kasey Simmons entered the Dallas, Texas Applebee’s restaurant where he works, he never expected to leave with anything other than the money he earned from his long day as a waiter.

As Kasey began to go around and help various customers with their orders, he noticed one group ordering the cheapest item available on the menu at just 37 cents.


“They ordered the cheapest thing on the menu, flavored water,” Kasey told reporters.

What Kasey did not expect that day was the whopping $500 tip left behind from that very same group.


Initially confused at the amazing generosity from these strangers, Kasey found a note written on a napkin that explained why he was being given this incredibly generous tip for simply getting the table their glass of flavored water.


Just one day earlier, Kasey was at a local grocery store buying some home essentials when he noticed an older woman in the checkout line that appeared to be in need of help.

While other shoppers may have just hopped into the next checkout line to avoid this woman, Kasey stepped up and tried to speak to the woman in an attempt to help out.

Although the woman did not explain why she was sad to Kasey, he could immediately tell she was going through a hard time. Kasey helped out however he could, which in this case was paying for her $17 worth of groceries.

“It was only $17, bit it’s not about the money, it’s about showing someone you care,” Kasey told reporters.


Kasey moved on with his day feeling good that he could lift that woman’s spirits while she was down, and eventually made his way to work the next day where he would later be surprised by a massive $500 tip.

As Kasey read the note left on the napkin, he learned that the elderly woman he had helped in her time in need was combatting the sadness from what was the third anniversary of her husband’s death.

The table that ordered the flavored water at Applebee’s was that elderly woman’s daughter. The daughter described in her note how the anniversary of her father’s death was always the worst day out of the year for her mother, and by stopping to take the time to simply talk to this woman and pay for her groceries, Kasey turned her frown into a smile for the rest of the day.


“You insisted on paying. Told her she is a very beautiful woman. I have not seen this woman smile this much since dad died,” the daughter wrote in the note left behind for Kasey.

By taking the time to simply talk to a stranger who was clearly in distress, Kasey not only made a world of difference for a woman in need, but also received this shocking thank you as a display of appreciation. We are sure Kasey will always be motivated to be kind and warm to strangers after this incredible encounter he had!

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[Source: CNN]

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