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Young black girl is terrified of the police, cop comforts her and lets her play in his police car


There has been a lot of hate directed at law enforcement officers these days. Although everyone remembers all the bad experiences they have with cops, no one seems to remember all the good things they do.

Here is one of those good experiences with law enforcement that we’d like to share with you: an officer calming a girl who is afraid of police during traffic stop.

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Describing the event, “The officer got to my door he asked me for my license and registration and I told him that I had a conceal carry license and that I had a pistol on my right hip,”Michael Harris said. “After I told him that, my daughter came out of the back crying and freaking out.”

Officer Mike Collins was surprised by the little 7-year-old sobbing and frightened. The reasoning behind her being petrified? The father said, Mikylie had become wary of cops after the recent shootings in the country.

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For a little girl to be afraid of police officers just because a select few choose to tarnish the law enforcement title is truly heartbreaking but Officer Collins is about to change that.

“The police officer gave her a little sticker, a little badge sticker,” Harris said, which helped calm her down. Collins then let Mikylie play in the police car, turning on the lights and sirens as a way of showing her that cops can be pretty awesome sometimes.

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The father said the whole situation made the little girl a lot more comfortable with police officers. “Right after the Dallas shootings happened, she asked me, ‘Daddy why are the white people and black people killing each other?’ I didn’t know what to say,” Harris said.

For someone so young to understand something so basic is beyond me. It is disheartening to think that the actions of a few can traumatize a child, but Collins is changing that. He is setting a good example of law enforcement for Mikylie and the rest of the world.

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It just comes to show us that children really do learn from their surroundings quickly. If they constantly see this hate type relationship between police officers and civilians, it’s going to traumatize them.

What we can do is do what Collins does. Show everyone respect and compassion and we’ll be surprised how it can make a difference.

Thank you Collins for putting our faith back into the law enforcement Officers.

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[Source: ABC News ]

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