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Young brothers notice neighbor’s home on fire, quickly use a garden hose to extinguish it


Two young Memphis Tennessee boys heroically dove into action when they noticed a neighbor’s house was on fire.

Noah and Joshua Lavoice were playing around in their Ridge Bay Cove home in Millington when they noticed a large amount of smoke being emitted from the neighboring home.

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Immediately recognizing the magnitude of the situation, Joshua ran inside to inform his parent of the situation.

“I ran back inside and told my mom there’s a fire,” Joshua told reporters.

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As the Lavoice parents frantically tried to get the police on the phone, Joshua and Noah took things into their own hands when they decided they would try and reduce the spread of the fire.

Helping unwind the water hose while Joshua walked towards the side of the house that was on fire, Noah turned the water on when the hose was close enough to the fire, and Joshua doused the flames.

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“I got on the top of the ladder and started spraying the fire,” Joshua added.

Almost leaning too close to the flames, Joshua noted that his cheek was almost burnt in the whole ordeal.


The bravery displayed by these two young boys, with Joshua only being 11 years old and Noah only being 7 years old, was truly a newsworthy story.

“We put out the fire before the fire people came,” Noah informed the reporters.

The incredible heroic acts of these two boys resulted in them saving their neighbors house from being burnt down. Despite the dangerous situation, Noah and Joshua were able to quickly think on their feet and help out their neighbor’s home before it was too late.

Since saving their neighbor’s house, the Shelby County has recognized the brave actions of Joshua and Noah, and awarded the two boys certificated directly from the county officials.

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“I don’t know why people would be calling me a hero. I was just doing what I was supposed to do because no one else was around,” Joshua humbly said.

Despite the major difference these boys made by jumping to rescue when they did, they still remain humble and simply appreciate the fact that they could help their community when it was needed the most.

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WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

[Source: WMC Action News 5]

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