ARRESTED: Man Accused of Punching Then Forcing His Pit Bull To Fight Charged With FELONY Crulety


In York, Pennsylvania, 39-year old Aaron Rankin has been arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty, after he was alleged to have punched his pit bull puppy several times after he refused to fight. On October 14, police were discharged to the Foundry Dog Park, where witnesses say that Rankin was trying to engage several dogs at the park to fight for “demonstration purposes.” When his dog in particular refused, he was then alleged to punch him several times, before publicly accosting him in front of a shocked crowd.

After bystanders tried to intervene and stop Rankin, he was alleged to have said, “let him go, let my boy fight.” Police eventually arrived on the scene and confiscated Rankins dog without issue. Rankin was alleged to have confessed his involvement and was subsequently detained without issue.

Rankin is presently being held without bond, and it was not said when his next court date will be. As for the dog, police did not say where they were placed, other than that they were ‘OK.’


[Source Story: Fido4ever ]