Brockton Ratchet Recorded Beating Dog With Broom On Video Until It Pisses Itself, “Her Man” Says It’s Illegal To Share The Video And They Have Hired A Lawyer!


It takes a serious scuzzcunt to abuse an animal. There should be a new word invented for what she does to this poor dog. I’m just going to give anyone who watches this video a warning. It’s graphic. This Turtlechick isn’t squeamish and it made me almost vomit.

Santosuossa is seen in the video parading braless around her house wearing flip-flops, screaming at, and beating the crap out of a dog named Bella. In front of her kids no less.

(If this wasn’t an animal cruelty post I would probably note how her titties look like scrambled eggs…. but that’s besides the point.)

Trashbag proceeds to chase the dog around the house bludgeoning the terrified thing with a broom, The dog runs behind a couch, and under a kitchen table, where she is hit repeatedly over and over again, and eventually pees on the floor in fear.



The original video, posted on the Brockton Hub last night, was deleted. But thanks to diligent Hubster Chrissy Mello, was saved and reposted.

Rumor has is that the story behind the video being posted was because this warpig sent her uncle to jail. Posting it was apparently a revenge tactic to get her back for snitching or whatever it is they call being a tattletale in section-eight these days.

I call bullshit as there is a video of her young son hitting the dog on her Facebook page as well. He’s a baby so we can’t really slam him for what he learned from his snail-trail of a birth-giver. Just further proof that Angelicunt should have her tubes-tied and no access to animals ever again.

Santosuossa popped on the Hub last night to “defend” herself. She types like someone threw a bunch of those magnetic letters at the fridge. Good luck deciphering her gutter-speak. Personally, I needed a cipher and an advil. She apparently went to school in Rockland so she’s got the trifecta of South Shore trash towns under her belt.

Hey, you idiot slag, yes it is legal. Your mugshot is going to look so pretty next to your hood rat law degree.


[Source Story: HumansLovingAnimals ]