Depressed Puppy Left To Die in a Ditch Still Struggling To Make Sense of It All

Source: Rescue Dogs NYC

In Columbus City, North Carolina, a heartless person left a dog in a ditch to die, without food and water. Had it not been for New York based Rescue Dogs Rock NYC , sadly, this precious pup would have been just another statistic of animal neglect and cruelty.

A good samaritan eventually brought the dog, whose name is Rayna, to a local shelter who then in turned called Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for assistance. Without hesitation, a representative flew down to Columbus City to rescue the poor pup from what would have been a tragic ending.

Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Rescue Dogs Rock co-founder Stacey Silverstein arranged for the dog to be treated at a local emergency clinic, where he presently remains for monitoring. Silverstein took to the organizations Facebook page to write this heartbreaking update, saying:

“We immediately got a call to help as Rayna is in very critical condition. Besides her medical condition, this baby’s mental condition is also at risk, as she’s completely withdrawn from all human contact … As if to say ‘I just can’t go on any longer.’ Rayna is only 10 months old. We must turn her life around at this very moment by giving her top notch medical care and tons of TLC and human affection. Her condition is very poor.”

Rayna is recovering, and now that she is getting the medical attention that she needs, everyone is hopeful that she may pull through. To help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC pay for her medical care, please visit their website and consider making a donation. In the meantime, please keep Rayna in your thoughts and in your hearts as she recovers physically and emotionally. ❤️

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