Dog abandoned for days on Vegas balcony

For days, a dog sat alone on an apartment balcony, where he was apparently abandoned, in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to KTNV News, neighbors at the Eastgate Apartments heard the dog’s incessant barking and realized that the people who owned him were no longer at home.

The manager of the apartment complex stated that the residents of the second story apartment had been given an eviction notice on September 17 and animal control was contacted when it became apparent that a dog had been abandoned on the balcony.

Unfortunately, help did not arrive quickly for the abandoned dog – animal control stated that their hands were tied because of the eviction notice, something which did not sit well with other residents.

After several days of being abandoned the balcony, help finally arrived. On Tuesday, KTNV notified viewers that the dog had been taken in by the Animal Foundation. They suggested that removing the dog may not have been legal, however. The news source stated, “This is the dog we told you about yesterday. He was left behind on an apartment balcony for at least a few days. Now he’s at the animal foundation, but his journey here might not have been totally legal.”

The KTNV News segment, updated on Tuesday, states that the apartment manager indicated that “someone broke into the apartment and took the dog.”


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]