Dog found 1100 miles from home

Over a month ago, a dog named Apollo escaped from his home in Jacksonville, Florida, and recently, he was discovered 1100 miles away in Massachusetts. According to the Florida Times Union, thanks to a microchip, the Pyrenees mix, who was picked up as a stray on September 8, was able to be reunited with his owner.

Nobody knows how Apollo wound up in Swansea, but his owner, Cynthia Abercrombie, suspects that he may have been stolen. Regardless of the exact details, the wayward dog is now back where he belongs, thanks to his microchip and volunteers with East Coast Paws, a pet transportation service, who drove Apollo back to his home.

It took a team of drivers to make the long cross-country trek – by Friday night, Apollo was to his destination. His grateful owner, who hadn’t seen her dog since August 11, said, “It’s a big relief just having him back, knowing he’s OK.”

Find the volunteer group which helped bring Apollo home at this link to Facebook.

(Family photo via Facebook)


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]